About Grandfather Joe

Over the past 35 years, Grandfather Joe has played guitar and sung songs for over 5,000 kids, always delighting his young audiences, whether they be 2nd Grade classrooms, kindergarten birthday parties or Summer Reading Programs in libraries. He has been playing his own brand of funny and quirky songs about big blue frogs, boa constrictors, and Bungalow Bills, that some kids (now adults) remember the tunes vividly after many years. Joe likes to joke around with the kids, kibitz with them, and shake their hands--always establishing quick rapport at every gathering hes invited to play. Although he has often used microphones, stages, and sound systems in his other careers, he prefers to work with children without these accoutrements. He likes it best when the youngsters take up a little piece of floor in front of him with a little room to dance or perform some in-space movement. (Note: Grandfather Joe does have microphones & a good sound system, it the need arises, e.g. noisy or large venues)

Joe retired from the Philadelphia Family Court at age 61 in 2005, having spent his entire professional career working with young people. Over the years he has also assisted in over 10 middle school musical productions and sings with an Irish sing-a-long band known as MegaCelt. Grandfather Joe, whose real name is Joe McGonigle, hopes to perform for many new audiences at schools, libraries, summer camps, birthday parties, or any joyous occasion.

Adios amigos!